Friday, October 20, 2006

Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator: - This is a great bit of technology here is one I created about Our US President........

Everybody lock your doors, get a gun, protect yourself! Pres. George Bush is planning to treat traditional values as if they were obstreperous, self-pitying crimes! It may help if I begin my discussion by relating an innocuous story in order to illustrate my point: A few days ago I was arguing with a particularly raucous sandbagger who was insisting that Pres. Bush holds a universal license that allows him to make my stomach turn. I tried to convince this unimaginative perjurer that he motivates people to join his little empire by using words like "humanity", "compassion", and "unity". This is a great deception. What Pres. Bush really wants to do is teach the next generation how to hate -- and whom to hate. That's why I, speaking as someone who is not a bestial present-day robber baron, want to see all of us working together to make efforts directed towards broad, long-term social change. Yes, this is an idealistic approach to actualizing our restorative goals. Nevertheless, you should realize that Pres. Bush is like a stray pigeon. Pigeons are too self-absorbed to care about anyone else. They poo on people they don't like; they poo on people they don't even know. The only real difference between Pres. Bush and a pigeon is that Pres. Bush intends to ascribe opinions to me that I don't even hold. That's why it is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to convince Pres. Bush's lieutenants to condemn his hypocrisy. Don't make the mistake of thinking otherwise. Pres. Bush does, and that's why one of the goals of Marxism is to render meaningless the words "best" and "worst". Pres. Bush admires that philosophy because, by annihilating human perceptions of quality, Pres. Bush's own mediocrity can flourish. The main dissensus between me and Pres. Bush is that I suspect that Pres. Bush is a tremendous deadweight on our will and morale. He, on the other hand, contends that a totalitarian dictatorship is the best form of government we could possibly have. He uses colonialism as a hammer to forge the wanton renegades who will evoke a misdirected response to genuine unresolved grievances before the year is over. And let me tell you, he has the gall to deface a social fabric that was already deteriorating. I mean, think about it. Any rational argument must acknowledge this. Pres. Bush's clumsy sermons, naturally, do not. After having read this, you may think that in the good old days, when courage, honor, devotion, duty, and loyalty meant something, it was comparatively easy to convince unholy schmoes to stop supporting Pres. George Bush and tolerating his homilies. Nevertheless, you should always remember that social stability and family unity are two things that selfish flag burners have no concern for. Be honest. And investigate Pres. George Bush's headlong principles, ideals, and objectives. That's the patriotic thing to do, and that's the right thing to do.


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