Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I find myself forever wondering about so many things, sometimes good and sometimes bad. I am creating this blogg so I can record and share my thoughts and the information I come across. I will try to write something very positive every day as well as try to find out more of the truth about how our world is run today and may be run in the future. I may however decide that I don’t like what I see and put my head in the sand pretend everything is OK and go back to just writing nice things. (I have not decided yet) I wonder more and more these days if the world will EVER be OK, has it EVER been OK, I am not sure. There are pockets of beauty and peacefulness but is it fair to hide away in such places and leave the masses to rott? It seems we are on a path to destruction in so many ways it just seems there is no way back. Anyway enough of the depressing stuff as we will deal with these things head-on in later bloggs.

I wonder sometimes if I should even get involved mentally and emotionally in all the things that are wrong with the world or should I just focus on the positive things??? And go hide away from it all. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand but at the same time I am just not sure I can handle how much crap is going on let alone have an effect.

People always say to just focus on one thing at a time but at the moment I am finding that very difficult and I have not yet found just one thing that I feel able to commit myself to. As I just feel that being a good person is just not making any difference to the rest of the world.

For the time being I will keep this anonymous as I will ramble what ever comes to my mind and since I am only just starting this project I have no idea what I might end up saying.

What can we do to change the world? I know we al want to, but how? I am going to join the masses of other people out there looking for ways to make a difference, let just hope I find the bigger ones.


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